Take Photos Of Your Kids Before Heading Into Crowds

Take Photos of Your Kids Before Heading Into Crowds

No parent wants to think about losing track of their kids in a crowd, but it's best to be prepared just in case. Reddit user Ozstriker suggests taking a picture of your children before heading to the beach or amusement park.

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If you become separated, you'll be able to show good samaritans a very recent photo of your kid wearing that day's outfit. This is one of those tips you hope you'll never have to fully use, but it could make a huge difference.

LPT: Parenting tip, take a photo of your kids before heading out anywhere crowded. [Reddit]


    Really feels like tempting fate. But as long as you're not doing it every time you take them outside to the park or shopping centre, then you won't fee too weird.

    Alternatively always send them out in the same clothes, and affix a massive "if lost, please call...." sign on the back of their jumpers.

    Just walk around the park/shopping centre/crowd yelling their name and mashing the X button.

    Before taking our kids to the Perth Royal Show, my wife wrote her name and number on the kids' stomachs with washable marker pen (comes off with a good scrub, but not with normal wear). If the kids got lost they just needed to grab a member of staff and give them the phone number (which they know off by heart anyway, but who knows why/how they might get lost).

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