JB Hi-Fi's Selling Nexus 7 Cheap

Google/Asus' Nexus 7 is still the benchmark for a tablet that's both good and cheap. JB Hi-Fi is selling off the Nexus 7 even cheaper than Google.

The savings aren't exceptional, but they are welcome; the base line 16GB tablet will cost you $240.30, down from the official $249, the 32GB variant is down from $299 to $282.60 and the 3G-enabled 32GB model is $324.90, down from $349.

JB Hi-Fi [JB Hi-Fi]


    Ten percent of Maths Fail?

      Yes, very much so. Fixed now. The 10% is JB's claim, but I shall fall on my sword anyway.

      Urk... Ulp.... this is more painful than I thought.

        I looked at the ad, and its definitely JB's fault not yours.
        I had the opposite happen once at The Good Guys when they had "10% off Apple". It was 10% off Apple's Apple prices, and not 10% off Good Guys' Apple prices. Or "Lies", as I like to call it.

          It's at least partially my fault; I'd like to think i'm not that math-inept as to fail to notice that. But I did.

    $6 cheaper than Kogan has been doing for some time now... JUMP ON IT!!!

      Kogan's price is usually exclusive of delivery costs, and you could presumably pick a Nexus 7 up instore, as distinct from waiting for 1-2 weeks for an import model.

        I included shipping costs there.. You make a good point though.

    If you want one I think you can go in to JB and demand that they honour their ad. 10% is 10%. Not only that, they actually say 10% off our famously low ticketed prices" so one could assume that the unit was originally somewhat lower than the RRP and so it should be 10% off whatever that was.

    Still isn't the cheapest way of getting one. Best way by far is just trawl the internet for the cheapest australian website flogging them off and take the ad to officeworks. Will take 5% off that no questions asked.

    First ,i call SPAM , and second ,
    i love asus mobo's but they are the worst rated tablets made . Just research it .
    Just fyi .

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