CatchChar Puts Special Characters A Click Away

Windows: Typing special Unicode characters is usually a pain, but CatchChar can make the process completely seamless.

Once you've installed this simple app, keying in Alt-Shift-C will bring up a menu with quick access to commonly-used characters. Just click the one you want, and it will appear at your cursor's location. In the app's settings, you can also decide which characters appear in the menu, or edit the keyboard shortcut, though it must include Alt and Shift.

If you're not running Windows, you can copy characters from a webapp like No Tengo Enie, but CatchChar is as fast a solution as you'll find.

Insert Unicode Characters with CatchChar [Helping Things via MakeUseOf]


    .. Those are commonly used characters?

      Yeah. How often in your everyday writing are you using the registered trademark sign? Especially when (R) or (TM) or (C) can be used; in some cases word processors will automatically change them into the proper character. The same goes with 1/2 or 3/4 etc.

      Depends on what your job/hobbies are.
      Pretty sure the pound sterling symbol will be used in almost every financial institution in the world.
      That said, if I were using these symbols or characters on a regular basis, I'd probably have them in AutoCorrect, and for anything not using AutoCorrect, I'd use Phrase Express and import my AutoCorrect library into it.
      Might seem like more work initially, but I'm not having to so Alt Shift C each time after that .

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