No Tengo Enie Puts Those Hard-To-Type Special Characters One Click Away

Typing special characters is way harder than it needs to be, especially if you haven't memorised the absurd key codes for the symbol you need to type. No Tengo Enie is a simple web page that, with one click, puts a special character on your clipboard for easy typing.

If you find that you need to type certain symbols often, we'd recommend putting them in your text expansion program of choice, but when you just need a random character, and you don't want to search around for its key code, just pull up No Tengo Enie. You can click on the symbol you need, head back to your document, press Ctrl+V and keep on typing.

No Tengo Enie [via Reddit]


    Every operating system worth considering has built-in applications to do this. Why do we need a website?

      I dunno, this seems easier than bringing up Character Map and scrolling through the list there. Especially if you can save the page locally...

    Been using Symbol Assist for years now, highly recommend it. Especially handy how it opens a popup that you can overlay over your current tab etc

      Very nice, much more comprehensive than the other one and easier to find what you want. Nice pickup ☆

    No degree sign? Useless.

    The symbol on the second row, 3rd from the left is NOT a degree symbol, see below

    I've been using for years

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