Turn A Torch Into A Long-Lasting Mobile Device Charger

Bruce Mueller was looking for a way to charge his phone for a couple of weeks while off the grid. So he combined the Mintyboost from Adafruit (designed for two AA batteries and usually tucked into a small tin case) and combined it with his D-battery Maglite, for higher capacity charging.

With a little tinkering, you could create your own. Bruce writes:

Removing the bulb and reflector, I created a space to hold the mintyboost board. By disassembling (breaking) a bulb, power can be drawn from the bulb socket.

I sliced it in Makerware, medium quality (.27 layers, 2 shells, 0 per cent infill). It sticks to the plate like glue — take your time and a nice spudger to get it off…

He also offers the 3D plans for the holding bracket.

Mintyboost Holder [MakerBot Thingiverse via Adafruit]

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