Easily Restart Your Router With A Christmas Light Switch

The need to restart your router regularly is an unfortunate reality. One redditor made the task a little easier with a Christmas remote light switch.

It seems like I need to restart my router at least once a day (it's some piece of garbage that Comcast is forcing me to use). I got tired of getting up all the time to restart it so I got one of those remote switches you use for Christmas lights on 12/26. Now I can restart my crappy router from the comfort of my couch!

If you already have one, this trick won't cost you much. If you don't, it's about $20 for a set of three. Some may feel it's better to just save that $20 and put it towards a better router, but no router will escape the restart problem forever. If you're frequently burdened by the need to reboot, a switch can save you a lot of trouble.

Have a crummy wireless router? Connect it to a cheap Christmas Light Remote Control so you don't have to constantly get up to restart it [Reddit]


    Unfortunately many network manufacturers design their products poorly they do work but they either have hardware problems such as over heating or poorly designed firmwares forcing the customer to have to reboot his or her router.

    Assuming your router isn't over heating you can buy a router that can be loaded with a good open source firmware such as open wrt, dd-wrt, tomato etc.

    What is this regular restart thing you speak of? In many years I have never had to regularly restart any kind of router/modem/gateway.

    I believe my current device has been manually power cycled all of twice in around 3 years, and the most recent occurrence was after a brownout.

    With hardware that doesn't suck you should never have to regularly restart anything.

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