Change Your Monitor’s Brightness Without Fiddling With Its Buttons

Change Your Monitor’s Brightness Without Fiddling With Its Buttons

Want to tweak your monitor’s settings without having to use its slow, inefficient menus? These two Windows apps will help you tweak your display right from your desktop.

I recently moved into a new apartment with a lot more light in the office — which means I need my screen to be brighter during the day and dimmer at night. Instead of fiddling with my monitor’s settings twice a day — a process that is pretty painful — I found two apps that can handle it much quicker.

ScreenBright is a simple app that doesn’t require any installation. Just download it, start it up, and move the brightness, contrast and colour sliders to your heart’s content. The app will adjust your monitor’s settings without the need for its built-in menus.

Display Tuner is more interesting, but it didn’t work on every display in our tests. After installing Display Tuner, you can tweak the brightness, contrast, colour audio and other settings, and you can even set up profiles that you can activate with a hotkey. That means you could set your brightness high in the morning and low in the evening with one keyboard shortcut. Hit the links below to try them both out.

ScreenBright (free) [via SuperUser] Display Tuner (free) [via SuperUser]


  • Do these apps do some proper communication with the monitor to adjust the actual brightness and contrast settings, or are these just apps that will warp the screen colours to produce the result? The reason I ask is that many monitors, particularly on laptops but also on desktops, actually adjust the backlighting when you adjust the brightness setting. So far I’ve never seen a piece of software that can do that for a desktop monitor (although it’s been a staple of laptop power saving features for yonks)

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