What Was The One Project That Got You Into DIY?

For most of us, it only takes one DIY project before we're totally hooked on making things. So, we want to know, what was the one project that got you into DIY?

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It only takes one successful project to convince you that you can do it yourself. That may have come when you were a kid opening up and playing around with all the electronics projects in your house, or maybe even later when you just needed to fix something and didn't have the money. So what was the one DIY project that convinced you that you could DIY?


    Making arcade fight sticks, I love that it combines wood working with electrical skills

      mine is - making an arcade machine! lol
      put a n64 emulator on it purely for mario cart, but also has a ps3 emulator on there...
      most fun ever!!!
      project which never eventuated - doing the same thing all over again, but with a george foreman grill built into it!

    Making a cooler for my laptop with desktop fans.

    I made 3 kids at home, but I had some help.

    I think simply opening up computer cases and doing simple upgrades as a kid would be the main thing that got me confident at and made me enjoy DIY jobs

    I built my own coffee roaster.

    I'd taken the decision to give up Sydney when my wife fell pregnant with our first child and move to a sleep beach-side town and start over.

    Until then we'd been drinking Nespresso - but with little cash the $150 per kilo price tag was too much. I got my hands on a good second hand grinder and a cheapish (but still decent) machine and built a coffee roaster that can do 600g per batch (popper roasts are too small and roast too quickly to develop a decent flavour ) and my bean cost is now about $15 per kilo.

    It cost about $150 in parts to build.

    I figured out that (apart from the initial outlay on roaster, grinder and machine) I'm saving about $2,000 a year on coffee this way.

    I built the coffee table that this computer is sitting on. We were demolishing my grandmother's garage, and I took old, grease stained hardwood and turned it into a VERY solid piece of furniture. My grandfather died almost 50 years ago, before I was born, so it's nice to have that connection.

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