Use Unboxing Videos To Help Repack Items

Unboxing videos might seem so last decade, but they can have a practical use years after the fact. Reader Tom points out that they can provide guidance if you sell an old item and can't work out how to fit everything back into the original packaging.

Tom had that problem recently, as he explains:

I recently sold my Apple TV and I had a problem of not being able to fit it into the box. I couldn't remember how it came and where everything went. After being frustrated for a while, I went onto YouTube and searched for an unboxing of the Apple TV. Sure enough, it showed exactly where everything was placed and it fitted back in the box perfectly.

This could also be useful if you're moving house. Thanks Tom!


    I did this earlier in the year to repackage my Wii. If it wasn't for YouTube, I would have never put that thing back together.

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