From The Tips Box: Childproof iPhones, Hidden Facebook Photos

Readers offer their best tips for letting your child play with your iPhone and hiding Facebook photos.

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Use A Metal Washer And Tape To Childproof Your iPhone's Home Button

Fragdemented saves his kid from frustrating home button presses:

Want to let your kid play with your iPhone, but get frustrated that they keep hitting the home button and exiting out of the game? This parental security tip is so simple, all it takes is the right sized washer and electrical tape.

Go to the hardware store and choose a washer that is slightly bigger than the home button on your iPhone. Then take some electrical tape (preferably a matching colour to your phone) and wrap the phone in it with the washer placed over the home button.

Now you have a shield so your kid can't press the home button, but you can reach it in a pinch with a ball point pen. Just be sure not to press too hard or you'll leave an indent in the button!

Hide Facebook Pictures Instead Of Deleting Them

Audiopocalypse keeps Facebook impulses in check:

If you want to delete an old Facebook picture, I recommend taking a step back. Don't impulse delete! You also have the option to hide a photo from everyone but yourself. If you delete it, there is no way to get back the comments or likes or history of it, which sucks if you ever change your mind.

To hide a photo, just open up the photo, click Edit, then under the permissions choose "Only Me".


    Thanks for the tip.
    Am trying to write up a child-proofing guide for ipad/iphone.

    Your comments and suggestions would be helpful.

    I asked the Apple store if they had a process/procedure/guide on how they make their demo ipads (the ones on the small table for kids to use) childproof.

    Steps I've found:
    ** Log out of your iTunes account (settings, yadda yadda yadda signout.)
    This will mean that instead of getting the password prompt when doing an in-app purchase, they'll get a username and password prompt. Makes it harder for them to lock your iTunes account out.
    ** Put all child friendly apps on the first screen (or in one folder) and move your other stuff off to another screen
    ** Lock out the launch of all other apps with a password (settings etc.)
    ** Get a GOOD cover. Don't be stingy on this! (Fisher Price cover for iPad blocks out the home button and has drop protection for corners) LifeProof case for iPhone is waterproof, booger proof, food proof, as well as being drop and chew resistant (2 meter drop)

    Any other suggestions or hints?

    Last edited 30/11/12 9:38 am

    Our 18 month old pressing the home button is how I know she's getting bored with Dora and starting to wonder if an iPhone would be good for throwing.

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