Woolworths Mobile Now Offers Cheap Global Roaming

Woolworths Mobile Now Offers Cheap Global Roaming

Despite calling my provider days before leaving the country and making sure all the roaming settings are turned on via my online account, my past few trips overseas have seen my phone stubbornly refuse to roam. On the upside, I haven’t had to worry about crazy bills when I get back, but wouldn’t it be nice if roaming wasn’t insanely expensive in the first place? Woolworths seems to think so.

TechCrunch reports that Woolworths has just inked a deal with the Ireland-based Cubic Telecom to offer the latter’s “MAXroam” service under the Woolworths Mobile brand.

The global roaming sim was made available starting yesterday and can be found in any Woolworths supermarket for $29, according to ITWire. As for the service itself, here’s how it works:

To make a voice call the users dials the number as normal. The phone then disconnects, finds the cheapest rate can calls the user back. Sending text messages is unchanged, so long as the full international number is entered.

If you’re keen, Woolworths Mobile has a handy calculator that lets you figure out the rates between countries.

Ireland’s Cubic Telecom inks multi-million dollar roaming SIM deal with Australian Retailer Woolworths [Cubic Telecom, via TechCrunch and ITWire]


    • I’d be looking at a local prepaid sim if I were in the philippines for that long. I know indonesia is an easy place to get a prepaid local sim… I’m presuming the philippines would be similar. Anyone know for sure?

      • Thats exactly what I did when I was in the Philippines a few years ago, as well as in Sri Lanka last year. Its generally pretty easy to get a SIM in those countries and then you have no risk of getting roaming surprises when you get home. Mostly though I used it to get mobile data and tether with my laptop, which worked very well, much cheaper than paying for Wifi at each hotel we were staying at.

  • How does this compare to TravelSim? My parents used it recently on a trip to the Middle East, and it worked fine. I borrowed it on a trip to the USA too. It sounds similar to the Woolworths offering.

  • Using the Wooworths’ calculator, it costs $1.05 per minute to call home from Thailand.
    Using a local Sim that would cost between 2 – 8 cents per minute.

  • If you we’re bouncing between multiple countries every few days, then this sort of sim is ideal. The pricing is actually quite good and the data rates quite bearable. This is UK sim rebadged as a travel sim. If ur planning on spending quite a bit of time there, the rates are excellent. Putting this on my list for travelling. A prepaid travelsim with 365 day expiry. Perfect for use in an emergency.

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