Identify Hard-to-Reach (And See) Screws With A Push Of Your Finger

Need to unscrew a screw? Can't see what it looks like and don't know the type? Redditor spacewolf46 suggests pushing your finger into the screw for a few seconds to find out:

When you need to unscrew something in a hard to reach place and can't get a good look at the screw type, push your finger on the head for a few seconds, then look at your fingertip.

As you can see from the photo above, the impression left from the screw will tell you what kind of screwdriver you need. Of course, you could grab a ladder and a flashlight and use your eyes to find out, but this method is faster and kind of fun.

When you need to unscrew something in a hard to reach place... [Reddit]


    And then bend your screw driver 90 degrees so it'll reach?
    This is fantastic advice until you actually think about it.

    Derp derp

      Or have a screwdriver bit on a ratchet ?

    This guy needs to drink more water, from the looks of that. I did it and it kinda works but no where near as deep as his.

    If you can reach the top of the screw that well with your finger, and yet couldnt figure it out before hand. Your doing something wrong.
    EDIT: My mistake, its a redditor. . . .

    Last edited 14/10/12 8:17 pm

    Addendum: Do not attempt this when trying to identify the screw head of a live electrical connection.

    Genius, except i think like the others pointed out if its that hard to identify by looking the chances are your finger wont fit to where you need it to either.

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