Save 10% And Skip The Fees With Jetstar's Price Beat Guarantee

Hard to say no to cheap flights... especially if you can slash a bit more off the top with a little research and a phone call. By taking advantage of Jetstar's Price Beat Guarantee, it's possible to not only shave 10 per cent off your trip, but the booking and credit card fees as well.

The OzBargain blog has all the details, be here's how it works:

Jetstar's price beat guarantee means that it will match the price of any competitor's price plus give you a further 10% off of your price. So if Tiger offers a $10 fare one way between Sydney and Melbourne you will receive the airfare for $9 each way from Jetstar. In addition, you won't pay Jetstar's credit card or booking fees. The same flight booked with Tiger would cost $10 each way + $7.50 cc/booking fee. So a $10 flight ends up costing $17.50 each way.

All you have to do is make sure you're prepared before you contact Jetstar. Pay Tiger Airways' website a visit first, track down the flights you want and jot down the relevant details. Then find the equivalent flights on Jetstar's system.

Saving on the booking and processing fees is a great bonus not mentioned on Jetstar's Price Beat Guarantee page and can make a big difference on cheaper jaunts.

How to Pricematch a Jetstar Flight [OzBargain]


    No matter how cheap it is - it's still Jetstar.

      Is a 10% savings enough to have to put up with Jetstar's poor service and surly staff? I think not.

        I'd fly with Jetstar if THEY paid ME $10. Maybe.

    tiger is the worst, they gave me a call 5 hours before the flight to tell me that the flight was canceled because "their were enough passengers on the flight i was on". and NO they couldn't reschedule my flight for the same day because all they remaining seat on the next flight were taken up from the canceled passenger from my flight .... worst airline period !

    Virgin Australia is the best

    Its' a pity Tiger dont fly to Adelaide so i can't use this trick for a cheap flight this christmas.

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