Colour And Personality: The Offices Of Shopify

Work can be a lot more fun when your office is inspiring. Check out the offices for ecommerce site building company Shopify, which inject just the right amount of personality into a standard office environment. Let’s takes a look at Shopify’s space and how those ideas can be used when designing your own home office.

Just Add Personality

A pretty standard reception area with some fun added around the edges.


Posters and wall art? It’s cool, but nothing out of the ordinary. Add a friendly robot with a hat and you’ve got an awesome space. (Even cooler is the fact that this robot is actually used to communicate with the other Shopify offices.)

Alternative Lighting

Always consider your lighting options. (For example: mood.)

Wallpaper Your Interests

Got an interest (such as comic books)? Use it to decorate a wall.

Heads Up Displays And Plants

Stick an extra monitor on the wall for regular updates. Add a plant to breathe more life into the room.

Shadows on the Wall

Shadows are often a bad thing, but with this cut-out moose head, they become interesting and effective.

Move Around

A lounge area is always handy if you want to move your work to a new environment.

Stand Up!

You may have heard — standing while you work is good for you!


Don’t forget to have a little fun.

For more photos of the office, check out Shopify’s full collection.

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