Build A DIY Security System This Weekend

You want your home to be secure, but high-end security gear isn't cheap. Why not construct a DIY security system? You'll save some money and improve your tech prowess at the same time.

Make Your Own Alarm System

There is no shortage of DIY alarm projects, so you really just have to decide how and why you want to be alerted. This Arduino-based alarm is motion-based and will send you a text message if it detects an intruder. If you've got a Mac, you can use a clever app called SecureHome that detects noise levels and sounds an alarm if they reach a specified level. If you're worried about partcular items getting stolen and want to alarm them individually, you can't go wrong with this motion-detecting alarm. It requires some very minor soldering and a tilt switch, but it's easy enough for just about anyone to create and can be concealed just about anywhere.

Set Up A DIY Security Camera

Security cameras are easy to set up — you just need a webcam and (sometimes) a computer. We have a full guide on setting up a comprehensive video surveillance system that streams images from a webcam to your phone, a computer or your email. You can even make a solar-powered option and give it motion-sensing capabilities.

Simple Tricks To Keep Your Home Safer

When it comes to securing your home, it helps to think like a criminal and know how they might crack a padlock; bust a combination lock; break into a safe; open your garage door from the outside; or simply break through your front door. When you know how someone might break in you can take measures to prevent it.


    I use contacam for motion detection video and I have also installed it on my inlaws shop after some money went missing in their office. I always have security on my mind in my home and if I can break in so can others so I always fix those problem areas I identify up. My place isn't like fort knox but it would not be easy to get into either and if you do I have video of everything being recorded all the time.

    I setup my webcam pointing at my front door (the only entrance). If it detects motion it begins recording (saving remotely on to dropbox). It also sends a push alert to my iPhone advising me that motion was detected, I'm then able to view a live stream of the webcam from a pc or my iPhone. Then I activate my remote gun, focus on the intruder.. Just kidding about the gun part lol

      Socks odd,
      What programs/apps do you use to do this?

        I haven't done webcam security on windows for a few years, but yawcam used to be good. Java based, user-friendly, and can output to a bunch of options when it detects motion.

        Yawcam as the webcam software and Prowl (to send push notifications to iphone), Growl (app to receive push notifications on iPhone)

    I use iSPY at home i think i downloaded it from majorgeeks. It is pretty good it allows multiple usb input devices to it and motion detection. Not to mention heaps of other little things like uploading to youtube and stuff.

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