Crack Almost Any Electronic Safe With Just A Bounce

If you have a digital safe with a passcode entry, a few things could go wrong. You could forget the code, the electronic mechanism could fail, or someone could change the code without you knowing. In the event you need to break into your own electronic safe, here's how to do it.

The technique you use to crack an electronic safe is called safe bouncing (which is an accurate name once you see how it's done). It's apparently easy enough for a kid to do, but looks like it could take a bit of practice. As you can see in the video above, you literally drop part of the safe against the table (or whatever surface it's resting upon) while turning the locking knob. If your timing is right, you'll have turned the knob when the safe's lock bounces open for a brief moment. This works because many cheaper safes have locks that lift. Better safes have counterweight mechanisms so the lock is held in place even when the safe is moving. You won't be able to bounce those open, but you'll have no problem with the lower-end options. If you're successful, the deadbolts will recede into the safe's door and you'll be able to open it up.

While good for those times when you lose your passcode, it's not so great for those times when someone tries to rob you. If you're concerned about the safety of a given safe, you might want to try this bouncing technique before your purchase.

Safe Bouncing [YouTube]


    Even better is to bolt the sucker down before you put anything valuable in it. That's why they have pre-drilled holes in them as well.

    That's not a bloody safe OK.... It's a Tupperware Box! I want to see someone do this with a real fucking safe,.. what a load of balls...

    I Feel Lifehacker is trying to turn me into a criminal.

    @fordyy...true that.

    how stupid, since most safes are bolted down...

    I know of a safe wighing over 2000 kilograms (4500 pounds for the US). Dropping it would be easy. Lifting it is another question.

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