DIY Solar-Powered Security Camera Keeps Your Home Safe Without Cables

We've shown you how to create a streaming, motion-detecting surveillance system with a few webcams, but if you want to watch the outside of your house, you're going to be running cables. Redditor cheapguitar came up with this clever mod for your outdoor cameras, which connects them via Wi-Fi and charges them with solar power.

Since the camera connects to the rest of your system via Wi-Fi, you'll have no wires running back to your computer, and the solar power keeps you from having to connect A/C cables. Along with his Wi-Fi capable webcam, he's also using a DIY Tupperware enclosure for the camera, a small set of solar-charging panels and a car battery (though we imagine there's a much easier way to do this with smaller batteries). Hit the link to see a parts list and more pictures of the setup.

DIY 802.11 Solar powered camera [Reddit via How-To Geek]


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