Stackable Dressers Maximise Storage Options

Small children can't easily handle a tall dresser for their clothing until their age reaches double digits. Chigo, a Japanese kids store, developed a stacking dresser tree for kids which gives you three two-drawer dressers that can later combine to form one six-drawer unit. It's too expensive and impractical to ship the Chigo item directly, but you can easily adapt the idea using a cheaper two-draw model.

Once you've chosen drawers you like, you'll just need to measure the height to figure out the dimensions of the side panels, cut those out of a piece of plywood, sand and paint/varnish to match your dressers, and nail or otherwise attach them to the side.

As well as being kid-friendly, this approach could also be helpful if you move a lot. When I was moving frequently in my early twenties, I tried to not buy anything too large to fit in the backseat of my car. A final bonus: if you have minimal furniture, the dressers could also serve double duty as temporary seating for a party.

Stacking Cabinet "TREE" for Kids [Chigo via Doornob]


    And only a month after Giz mentioned it

    These stackable dressers are really cool! I have read recently that it is now gaining popularity among students who move a lot. These stackable storage are also mobile. You can bring them anywhere and don’t have to worry of a big lorry to carry these from one point to another. You can dismantle them to even fit the boot of your car.

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