Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted the lowdown on Office 2013, why tinned food in fridges is risky and how to get ready for Mountain Lion. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Office 2013: Everything You Need To Know
    You can test out a consumer preview of the latest version of Office right now, but what will the new version of Office — variously branded Office 2013, Office 15 and Office 365 — include? Here’s what we know so far.
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Store Open Tins In The Fridge
    I saw this open tin of stuffed vine leaves in our office fridge and immediately freaked out. I’d always been told that leaving food in an opened tin risked food poisoning, and I believed that. But then I realised I’d never bothered to question why this rule applied. Time to investigate.
  3. How To Prepare Your Mac For Mountain Lion
    Mountain Lion, Apple’s next version of Mac OS X (10.8), is due any day now (with the latest rumours pointing to a July 25 release date). This means now is the perfect time to prepare your Mac for the smoothest upgrade transition.When Mountain Lion becomes available, you’ll be able to download and install it from the Mac App Store for $20.99 and get it up and running in about 30 minutes. However, operating system upgrades aren’t always so simple, so doing a few maintenance tasks beforehand can save you frustration later.
  4. Why The Windows 8 Touch Keyboard Has No Numbers (And No Tab Key)
    If you use Windows 8 on a touchscreen device, you’ll notice that the keyboard is somewhat unusual. Unlike most conventional keyboards, it doesn’t have a row of numbers, and it doesn’t have a Tab key either. What gives?
  5. Is Buying The Nexus The Only Answer To Android Fragmentation?
    If you’re an Android geek, you’re probably sick of hearing about Android’s “fragmentation” problem. Is the only solution buying the Nexus, Google’s flagship model? Whitson Gordon thinks so, but Elly Hart isn’t convinced.
  6. Top 9 Hardware Boosting Hacks
    With great hardware comes great opportunity. Thanks to the internet and clever hacking communities, there are plenty of ways to boost the capabilities of your everyday gadgets. Some save you money, some add features, and some are the entire package. Here are our top nine favourite hardware boosting hacks.
  7. I’m Adam Savage, And This Is How I Work
    You probably know Adam Savage from MythBusters, the popular TV show that tests the validity of various mysteries against the power of science. When he’s not mythbusting, Adam is also an industrial designer, artist, educator and all-around Extremely Productive Person. We asked Adam to share how he works, from his favourite productivity playlist to the thing he does better than anyone else. Here’s what he said.
  8. Australia Has The Most Expensive IKEA Products In The Entire World
    We already know that IKEA items often cost more in Australia than anywhere else, but just how bad is the problem? A comparison of IKEA prices across 33 countries suggests that we are literally the most expensive place to buy IKEA in the world.
  9. Find Your Phone When It’s On Silent By Blasting Some Music
    If you ever misplace your mobile phone nearby, you can always call yourself and follow the ringing. But what if the phone is on silent? Apartment Therapy notes this neat trick that might help: call the phone, then walk around your house with music playing.
  10. Mastercheap Raw: The $25 Shopping List
    So I have $25 to feed myself for the week and I have to make more or less everything from scratch. What made it onto the Mastercheap Raw shopping list?

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