Turn A Watermelon Into A Keg

Turn A Watermelon Into A Keg

The perfect drink dispenser for your cocktail parties may actually be a watermelon. Serve punch, juice, or a real fruit cocktail in that giant melon.

For your watermelon-to-keg transformation, simply cut a lid at the top and scoop out the watermelon, then attach a spigot (available at beer making supply companies) via a hole you either drill into the melon or make with an apple corer.

KegWorks offers a watermelon sour recipe along with the keg-making instructions from The Food Network, while the National Watermelon Promotion Board has somewhat more detailed instructions.


Watermelon Cocktail Keg – As Seen in Food Network Magazine! [The KegWorks Blog via Curbly]

Watermelon Keg [National Watermelon Promotion Board via Gizmodo]


  • Nice repost for a non-Australian audience. This information is useful to us in SUMMER, when you can actually purchase watermelons. Not in the middle of winter, when you cannot.

    • Really???


      MUST you guys complain about any post that’s been sourced from the U.S. site? Sorry to burst your bubble, but watermelons ARE still available (albeit sometimes at a higher price) during winter, and as has been observed, summer is a regular occurrence, so the idea is also still useful for later.

      You add NOTHING of value by complaining every time an article is reposted from the U.S. You don’t HAVE to read this stuff…

    • Oh how you forget about us living in the tropics of Australia. Sorry to tell you but we have a wet and a dry season both of which this would be awesome for.

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