Pour Vinegar Down Your Drain Every Three Months To Keep Clogs Away

Pour Vinegar Down Your Drain Every Three Months To Keep Clogs Away
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Harsh chemical drain unclogging solutions can actually be abrasive enough to make your pipes leak after the clog is dissolved. Instead considering pouring a half bottle of white vinegar down your drain every three months to keep clogs from forming.

Culinary weblog Chow recommends pouring the half bottle down your drain, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then flush with hot water. The acid in the vinegar will help remove any clogs that are forming. This preventative maintenance routine is cheap (you get a bottle of generic white vinegar for a buck or two), environmentally-friendly, and makes use of one of the best household multitaskers. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar you can follow the hot water down your garbage disposal with a quartered lemon, lime, or other small citrus fruit to give your drain a fresh scent.

Chow Tips: How to Clear Your Drain Without Breaking It [CHOW]


  • I use an activated enzyme…….thing. It’s not a cleaner. It’s pellets you get from the cleaning aisle. It has no smell. It’s cheap. It’s non-toxic. And it goes one step further than just killing bad stuff. It actually ‘eats’ the bad stuff and creates good bacteria. A bit like acidophilus is supposed to do for your stomach. Works supprisingly well. Quite an elegant solution actually.

  • Our sink rarely blocks, maybe once or twice a year. When it happens I just grab the $5 sink plunger and give it a few squidges. Vinegar is cheap, but elbow grease is free.

  • Oh, and it’s good to see they didn’t mention baking soda. Baking soda on its own may work. But, some articles I found when trying to unblock/unstink pipes, mention pouring baking soda down the the plug and *then* vinegar and the ‘fizz’ is somehow meant to clean it. This is – of course – c#@p. Vinegar is acid and baking soda is a base (alkaline – the opposite of acid). They cancel each other out (that’s the fizz) and do nothing to your pipes. Some people weren’t listening in year 9 science class.

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