Keep An Emergency Photo Album In Your Phone That Provides Important Information

Keep An Emergency Photo Album In Your Phone That Provides Important Information

Your phone’s photo album is probably filled with pictures of a fun night out, family events and too many pictures of your pet, but the most important snapshots are often of things you wouldn’t naturally think to include. As Apartment Therapy Tech points out, capturing photos of your prescription medication can be incredibly useful as a reminder or an indicator when you’re in an emergency. On top of that, we’d add the following:

Photo via Apartment Therapy.

  1. A picture of your photo ID. We’d recommend blurring out any sensitive information you don’t want to share — the goal is just to identify who you are. That said, you might want to include your phone number on the ID in case you lose your phone and someone needs to contact you.
  2. Your Medicare card.
  3. Your car’s licence plate (if you have a car).

Anything else you’d keep in your emergency album? Share your ideas in the comments.

10 Snapshots You Should Keep in Your Phone’s Photo Album [Apartment Therapy Tech]


  • My advice as a student Paramedic? Put all this information in your wallet, and don’t go anywhere without it. Many times I have had to paw through people wallets and handbags looking for ID, but we don’t go through phones as they are often locked.

  • put a picture of your id, with your phone number….on your phone. in case you lose your phone. so someone that finds it can call you. and…answer it themselves?

    • Yes, Gotta be the most awesome idea I’ve ever heard. Better include a photo of the phone too, so they can make sure they have found the right one! 😉

  • Yeah, because emergency personnel or concerned strangers are going to work out how to hack your locked phone, dig around with photo albums on your phone and assume photos of drugs mean something.

    FFS this is dumb. There is a reason diabetics wear bracelets and organ donors carry cards in their wallet.

    It would make more sense to campaign for this to be on real national ID like a Medicare card or your drivers license (eg. Blood type, medical conditions) than on your locked secure phone.

    Lifehacker is beginning to suck balls hard.

  • I don’t think the original article is very useful but I sort of get where they’re going. I use my phone camera to document stuff more often than I use the notepad. Screenshots of my uni timetable and campus map, and taking photos of lecture slides. Also shots of my student ID if I forget my ID number or other info on it. But I guess that’s not really revolutionary. I also take photos of receipts that I might need to reference later just in case i lose them.

  • I have taken pictures:
    – of my carpark number so I remember where I parked my car
    – of my young nieces luggage before we checked in when I travelled on a flight alone with her as I realised I wouldn’t know which bag to pick up once we got off our flight.
    – of shopping lists written on a chalkboard on our ‘fridge (rather than re-writing them)
    – of registered post numbers as the receipts fade really quickly in the sun
    – model number of grandmas tv so I could look up a manual for her when I got home
    …heaps of things!

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