What Would It Take For You To Stop Pirating?

We may not agree with the RIAA on much, but today they made a surprising statement that we can actually get on board with: innovation is the best way to stop piracy. Our question for you is: What kind of innovation would get you to stop downloading media illegally?

The statement was hidden away in a much longer article about the impact of their anti-piracy efforts -- which TorrentFreak argues is more than a little misleading -- but at least they're acknowledging that draconian business models are not going to get them out of this mess.

So, for you pirates out there: What kind of innovations would get you to go legal? Or, for the less anonymous among you: what kind of innovations do you think would be the most effective at curbing piracy? Lower prices? Less DRM? A bigger selection on online services? Let us know in the comments below. And, while you're at it, hit the link to read the RIAA's statement, and TorrentFreak's response.

The Evidence of Anti-Piracy's Impact Continues To Mount [RIAA Music Notes Blog via TorrentFreak]

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    humble bundle type deals, reward people who pay over a certain amount with extras

    I make my own music for leisure, so the thought of just blindly downloading musicians (who i admire) work/art for free doesn't sit easily with me - but I do it because art is to be experienced, that's why the artists make it and if I wasnt a uni student without an income and no government support then I would pay for innovative services like iTunes or unlimited music paid services. given that young people are the likely people to spread art and make an artist big - I can justify downloading as free advertising. Once I'm a professional with an income I'll gladly support the artists I love.

    make legit stuff easier and more accessible than the pirated counterpart.

    Recently i had a nightmare 5 days trying to install a retail version of batman AC. Securom just wouldn't even let me install it. Even ended up reinstalling Win 7 but even on fresh virgin installation of win 7 I had no luck. WB Games sent me a patch and i was able to install only with everything off like antivirus, firewall, etc.

    My friend who had a pirated copy of the game had already finished the game with 60% complete by the time i booted up the game for the first time. Securom got me again in the middle of the first major boss fight. Game wouldn't start after that.

    About the only thing I'd stop pirating and pay for would be movies. Not a big fan of streaming movies on demand, or going to the local DVD store these days, so downloading them and saving them for watching later is what I'd rather do. Not sure if there's anything out there that fits that model. I rarely buy DVD's.

    As far as TV shows go, I never (directly) paid for them in the past, and now that I download them I continue not paying for them. As with movies I'm much more of a "view on demand" person these days, and the commercial channels don't really offer an option for this.

    With games, I spent a very healthy amount on the gaming industry, probably over $1k a year, so those games I do pirate I don't lose a whole load of sleep over.

    I tend to buy music I enjoy (though I download alot of stuff to "check it out") and I support bands all the time if/when they tour.

      Yep, and using a PVR is not much different to pirating a TV show... you still don't get the ads since you skip them.

        Or if you ever taped a song off the radio "You're a pirate Go to Jail!" - (says motormouth) like he never taped a song on a cassette tape in his life. (assuming he is older than 15)

    The future is now to download all content, which will definitely be the case when consoles are obsolete.
    So the thing that will kill piracy would be a reasonable subscription fee and access to all content.
    One thing that some media companies don't see is that at the right price people will watch the same content over and over again. So if they were to charge, per item, a low fee, they would still probably get the same revenue.

    ITT: MotorMouth is a troll.

    Piracy is not just a legal and economic issue - it is a display of cultural traditions embedded in cyberculture. Justifications described above are just some of the common ways people justify the activities. But piracy is also a means to "share" information and is an established activity that is deeply-rooted in the "open philosophy" traditions passed down even before the Internet.

    Before spitting out your judgmental arguments MotorMouth and calling us "sheeple", I suggest reading Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig and the mountain of academic literature which further explores what I said above.

    You want a mass migration from pirating to legal purchases? Make them timely and make the much, much more cheaper.

    I was on some Foxtel download, asking for $3 an episode to watch Mad Men. That ... is waay too much, make it something like 15c. Make songs, like 10c, make major retail game $13, make cinema tickets, $4.

    Do something along those lines, and I'm not sure what the right formula is, it could be a little more, a little less but people will stop pirating because it's just easier if they get it from a good, convenient service that doesn't eat, or infect their computer or have to go through some long ass process of ripping, extracting ... doing all the things you need to pirate a game.

    Why does Netflix work? Think about it, it was less than $10 a month, and for a ludicrous amount of tv and movies. Why do you think Blockbuster has gone broke there? Because Netflix understood that incredibly cheap, is exactly what people want and if the rest of the major media organizations followed their lead than the better off everyone will be. All those people you lost to pirates will just come back, because a whole season of Mad Men is $1.50

    Make prices here comparable to in the US. Our dollar is above theirs now so why are we paying prices so much higher still? also when we purchase a game just let us play our frigging game without having to go through a hundred hoops to get it going. I have a legal, bought disk of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and when I last went to play it steam told me my game was unavailable and to try again later. I have a disk, I've played the game before so it's all registered and ready to go, but they just wouldn't let me launch it. I have a friend who has replaced his Mass Effect 2 disks about 3 times because they keep telling him it's pirated when it's not, and another who pirated a game because his legitimate copy wouldn't register, even though he bought it brand new that day.

    For music, just make it so there are other easy, viable places to get flac or some other form of lossless audio that isn't iTunes. Not everyone sits on apple's highly priced bandwagon and many who do still hate iTunes to death, but it's the only viable way for us to buy quality music.

    Why is it considered illegal to download a TV show that is available free to view for AMERICANS on their own website. People outside USA can't view show on fox.com etc. Reason itunes is so popular is that it grew up on backboard of p2p networks. Torrent is just one step ahead of p2p. Torrent just gets stuff off zero day releases.

    You won't download a car? Ask China, they replicated Lamborghni and Rolls Royce and it is one of the highest selling product there. You really can't tell the difference apart.

    Media industry just needs to find a better way to provide content to users. Spotify & pandora removed the need of piracy of music. If there is certain service for movies, users would use that too. Just find a way to provide ON DEMAND content across the planet in one proper medium which may include ads and pay up for ad free version.

    Updated industries are providing content for free on Youtube. RIAA is biggest industry that is getting in path of revolutionizing globalization and getting over the curb. Just ask them to get to 21st century quick and leave stupid 20th century methods behind.

    What I would love to see is a device which you could pay $5/season (Maybe even upto $10) for a show, but it is pushed to your device as soon as it airs, with out ads (this is what pisses me off about foxtel, it has more bloody ads than freeview, and the shows are a season or more old anyway) or even just bottom scroller ads (as long as they are not to obtrusive) would be acceptable.

    I have about 15 shows I watch religiously, and would happily pay to watch seasonally. Hell I donated money to the save Chuck (TV Show) foundation to keep it on air, and it's not even shown here.

    I would never think of paying money for anything with freaking ads. And it is besides the point to pay for something like foxtel for something that is only shown maybe 3 months before it shows on freeview.

      Sickbeard does something similar to that.... for $0!

    What would it take me to stop pirating?
    1. Value for Money.
    A little transperancy into where my money was going, and why I was paying the amount for the product.
    2. The feeling that my money was genuinely helping the people who CREATED the product.
    The entertainment industry is riddled with shucksters and middle men who are out there to make a living off of the creativity of others and the desires of the consumer. I sleep well at night knowing they dont get my money. I dont like not paying the artist/creator, but under the current model I cant give those who deserve it the right percentage of my money, so I feel scammed, and dont buy it.

      It'd be cool to see a cost breakdown, like a tradesman might do. Like, $XX for distribution fees, $XX to the artist, etc etc. Would keep the distributors/labels a bit more honest.

    MotorMouth - only someone with a vested interest in the topic would post so many RIAA compliant replies. You also state in one post that that when someone suggested $3 a TV show that we would get garbage made because that isn't enough to support quality production on TV, then in another reply you mention that Australia is largely irrelevant in recouping production costs. Which one is it? It must burn you up inside to know that despite your industry backed protestations, that terabytes of TV shows, movies and music is currently flowing freely around the globe to anyone who want it, free.

    I recently started trying out Quickflix on the PS3. It works fine but the range of movies is just a joke.
    I am more than happy to pay for a service that I will be able to stream shows and movies as the are released internationally.
    Until then, I will continue to pirate them, As I will not wait or pay the ridiculous prices we have to pay here in Australia.

    Ah the good old piracy debate, where the self righteous argue amongst themselves and the rest of us chuckle and find some stuff to torrent.

    I wouldn't be so adverse to paying if they treated me with some respect, offered fair prices and made the content available without bullshit region restrictions. Until then however I'll be happily aboard the pirate graveytrain.

    For movies - DRM free 1080p quality MKV files. And ability to download without having to install any stupid software like iTunes. Current digital content is DRM-riddled and lower quality.

    Ditto for TV Shows. I would pay for DRM-free 720p MKV files available immediately after the broadcast in the US.

    Physical DVDs & Blu-ray force you to watch these unskippable anti-piracy ads, stupid animated menus. I just want to put a DVD in and immediately watch the movie.

      So long as MKV became more compatible with things. Otherwise, an HD MP4 in h.264 would suffice.

    Personally I believe music sites like bandcamp are pioneering what we really need. Although not implemented completely in band camp (as it is set by the artist's), many artist's offer their materials for pay-what-you-like, and in many cases allow $0.00 as an offer. This is great because:

    A) we're not forced to buy the material first to see what it's like. And even more so, for those of us who won't take the gamble and pay upfront, we won't feel guilty for trying it for free. Oh the amount of times I've downloaded a game to try it, with the intention of buying it if I like it, just to get an email from the company telling me to cease downloading it. Sure didn't buy their games then.

    B) Since people will pay for what they think it's worth, that means some people who have more money then other's and really appreciate the material, may get a sense of compassion and decide to support them by basically donating a copious amount of money to them, while other people can still give what they can afford and still feel they've done some good. I often buy a CD for $20-30, and think 'WOW, I'd would've paid a lot more then $20-30 for this, wish I could do more to show my support for this band' (I do go to shows to support them also). And then on the inverse when you feel ripped off and would have only paid $5, if anything.

    C) and C is a product of B: materials offered would improve. If artists produce mediocre and unoriginal materials, no one would give them much, if any, money. And then when they don't make much, they know exactly why.

    Of course this system is all fine and dandy in utopia land, but there are many drawbacks in it, namely the lack of compassion many would have, leading to a majority of people just taking the free option and offering nothing, regardless of how much they like it. And also, the whole corporate world sure as hell wouldn't even consider this because it's unlikely they would make MORE money then the current system, piracy included.

    -my two cents

    The entire world would have to change. You're only winning if you're a liar a cheat and a thief. Other way around, if you're not a liar a cheat or a thief odds are that someone is stealing from you, lying to you or cheating you out of what's yours.

    Don't believe me?

    Politicians. Business. Organisations. Corporations. Your favourite mechanic. All of these things cheat, lie or steal from you on a daily basis. You just don't realise it.

    I mean here in Sweden (lived in ACT before) Spotify (www.sportify.com) been a game changer. Most of my friends actually pay for the Premium version (~$15 AUD) monthly, with this version you can listen to unlimited music through you computer and phone. So no more downloadning really.
    But when it comes to movies/tv-shows and we have to wait a year for it to be released over here, then I don't see why they don't understand us.
    Maybe Google TV or Apple TV can change that, $2-3 dollar per episode then I would for sure pay for Game of Thrones if it was released instantly.
    Sorry giant corporations you guys are still thinking backwards..

    It is simple really what I want is global releases. Get rid of regions. All regions do for us is make things take longer to come out and cost more here. We don't actually get any value add in return.

    What will it take to stop me pirating?

    Being able to try before buying.
    Fair pricing (region free for digital dl's)
    Easy access.
    Timely access.
    Not being treated like a criminal for buying a legit item (DRM).

    ..... oh and a brain for motor mouth.

    Whos this motormouth f****t, seriously wtf?
    But yeah, lower the price, remove DRM, increase avaliability.

      Motormouth is obviously associated with afact or the movie industry. So we can safely just ignore him.

        Hey hey slow down there! I work in the film and music industries and almost everyone I know would disagree with Motormouth. His association with the industry has nothing to do with his terrible argument.

    Prices aren't too bad but DRM is a joke. Get rid of it all together and you have a perfect solution. Apple are the worst for DRM! If I buy it, it's mine and I'll use it how I please, just as I would with a CD.

    Motormouth sure lives up to his name. Maybe he could change it to "I'm a big tool squeezer"? In his case that would be equally relevant as he lives up to that name perfectly as well. :).

    MotorMouth should tell us his band so I can go pirate his songs, and them never listen to them. All reasons listed above are totally legitimate, and I don't know about you, but if I want to see Community when it airs in the US, im gonna download it. Of course, I still watch them when they come to Australia, and will definitely buy the DVD, because I support the show, but asking fans to wait that long is way too much to ask.

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