Check Your Resentment To Avoid Burnout, Says Google's Marissa Mayer

Burnout is a serious problem with many possible causes, but Googler Marissa Mayer's theory: Burnout is caused by resentment.

That's according to a talk summed up by Colin Nederkoorn, who explains further:

When people have to make sacrifices for work — like missing their child's soccer game — they end up being resentful. She is proactive with her employees to make sure they don't experience lots of resentment-causing activities. If being at Tuesday night dinner with friends is the one thing you need to keep you happy, you should be there every week.

Nederkoorn then offers his must-have list of burnout prevention, which include favourites like exercise, eating well and sleep (crazy, right?). To that end, we're curious: What do you do to prevent burnout and resentment for your job?

Burnout is caused by resentment [Colin Nederkoorn]


    Don't work for a loser manager. This strategy is fairly straightforward to implement when you are joining a team, but can get complex if the manager is swapped out due to a resignation, firing or reorg.

    To prevent burnout in my job I drink heavily, every night.

    find a group of friends and play a hard energy sapping game of sport on weekends or on one weeknight is always a good idea to get the stress out....

    now to find friends....

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