Repurpose An Old Phone For Emergency Use

We recently shared a number of things you can do with an old smartphone, but Redditor hepdd remind us that we left out one of the most obvious uses: any mobile phone, activated or not, can still make emergency calls.

Photo by Cord Woodruff.

Without a SIM card, your phone is no longer a means of being contacted, but it can still make emergency calls. So if you have an old phone that's sitting around doing nothing, you might as well stash it in your glove box. That way, if you get into an emergency situation and you've lost your phone or it has no battery, you can still make a 000 call if you need to.

LPT Need an Emergency Phone for Your Car/Boat/etc? [Reddit]


    Don't forget to mention the emergency number on mobile phones is 112.

    From "112 is the GSM international standard emergency number which can only be dialled on digital mobile phones. 112 can be dialled anywhere in the world with GSM coverage and is automatically translated to that country's emergency number."

    Probably wouldn't use an old iphone though.. :) lol

    Why not connect it to your stereo along with power, leave WIFI on and have it sync tunes automatically assuming your garage isn't too far away.

    Didn't ACMA want to block emergency calls from phones without sim cards?

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