iTunes Now Lets You Downconvert Songs To 256kbps When Syncing

iTunes has always let you convert high bitrate songs to 128kbps when syncing them to your iPod, but a new setting in iTunes 10.6 lets you choose between 128kbps, 192kbps and 256kbps.

It might not satisfy the pickiest of audiophiles, but for many of us, 256kbps is enough to get you to stop managing multiple music libraries just for your high-bitrate files. 128kbps was always a little low, and it was annoying Apple didn't give you more choice in the matter — and it's still a little annoying they didn't include the now-mostly-standard 320kbps — but at least iTunes has finally enhanced this oft-ignored feature.

iTunes 10.6 Adds Option to Sync 192kbps, 256kbps Quality to Audio Devices [AppleInsider]


    why would anyone want that?

      When you have a library with lossless audio, and limited storage space on your iDevice. Now you don't have to choose between good quality or lossless quality, you can have both.

    256KBps AAC is supposedly the equivalent to 320KBps MP3.

    This is fine if you're downconverting from a lossless file, but if the original file is lossy, transcoding is going to make it sound like shit.

    @Max, it's too bad that iTunes doesn't support lossless formats other than ALAC.

    In all honesty, I don't understand why anyone would still use iTunes for managing music, even if they have an iDevice. Foobar and its ipod plugin can sync (and convert from lossless to whatever format and bitrate you want) to just about any generation of iPod perfectly.

    The only use for iTunes that I can think of is for updating iDevice firmware.

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