DreamHost Hacked; Change Your Passwords Now

Not even a whole week after Zappos was hacked, our favourite hosting service, DreamHost, has also had a breach.

They say there's "no evidence that customer passwords were taken", but they''re pushing out password changes to everyone just to be safe. In addition, you should change any of your other passwords just to be safe — that is, if they're at all similar to your DreamHost password. Just as we did during the Zappos hack, we highly recommend you set up a password manager like LastPass, and use it to help you audit your passwords. Remember, the only secure password is the one you can't remember. Hit the link to read more.

Changing Shell/FTP Passwords due to Security Issue [DreamHost Blog via Hacker News]


    Their control panel is also down for some users (like me) and while you can access the site via ftp, you can't pull it up in a browser. Some users are having the opposite problem whereby their ftp access is blocked but their site is still running. This looks to be a MUCH bigger problem than passwords.

      Have a Dreamhost account myself and can't access the panel either. Very keen to get in, obviously.

    I'm pretty annoyed that I had to find out about it here. They've known about it for at least 6.5 hours (that's when the blog post was posted), and still haven't sent out a mass email.

    Forget the cloud, it's a big balloon and all it takes is a little prick to stuff it up ;)

    Learned about it on LH too. Still no email from Dreamhost about it!!

      Finally got my email this morning. I should point out that this affects shell/FTP passwords only, not your panel.

      Still a big deal, obviously.

    In defence of DH, I had an email from them about this on Saturday night.

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