CacheCopy Pulls Images From Your Browser Cache

Windows: Ever find a great image but then forget which site it was on? Using CacheCopy, you can automatically rip images from your browser cache into a folder of your choice to keep a permanent copy.

You can tweak the utility to specify how many hours' worth of images to grab, and set size limits so you're not grabbing emoticons, avatars and other small image files.

The program is an alpha release so some features need work. I had to manually direct the program towards my Chrome cache when it couldn't find it automatically. Also keep in mind the program won't work on images viewed during private browsing sessions as that mode does not cache graphics.

If you need to routinely grab images, give this a try. You may also be interested in learning how to manually pull images from your browser cache.

CacheCopy [CodePlex Open Source Community via NirmalTV]


    I hope you're asking the copyright holder for permission before ripping off their work.

      "Ripping off"? If by that you mean keeping a copy of it, then I don't know why you need to. They've already allowed you to get a copy of it on your computer by making it available to view on the web. If they didn't want it to end up on your computer then you never would have been able to download it in the first place.

    Porn anyone?

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