Aussie Technique Keeps Apple Slices Fresh

If you or your kids prefer sliced apples you'll either have to take the time to spray the slices with acidulated water or learn to enjoy brown apple flesh. Kids lunch weblog Another Lunch shares how parents send their children to school with fresh apples — simply make four slices around the core of the apple, hold the apple pieces back together and place a rubber band around the apple.

If you immediately place the apple back together it will resist oxidation and all you have to is remove the rubber band to have four largish apple slices ready to eat. Of course, I prefer to eat my apples whole with a knife, but this method looks pretty interesting as well.

Snack idea: how to make an Aussie Apple [Another Lunch via LunchItPunchIt]


    Excellent solution to a non-existent problem! :) Just eat the damn thing. No knife required.

    after slicing dunk in salted water or lemon juice.
    we slice to fix lunch box.

    And, of course, no one else in the world ever put a rubber band on an apple...

    Please don't call this Aussie's way to eat apple...

    Agreed with Steve... It's not fair to call it the 'australian way' without qualifying it. (E.G. we australians strive for simple ingenious solutions and have a 'tie it up with wire' attitude).

    That said, Good idea. Thanks!

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