ATO Misses Return Processing Target (By 1%)

One of the stated tax return processing aims for the Australian Taxation Office is to handle 94 per cent of electronically-submitted returns within 14 days. What figure did it ultimately achieve this year between July and October? 93 per cent.

The ATO figures show that it actually hit the 94 per cent target in August and September, but dropped to 92 per cent in July and October. A total of 8.25 million returns were lodged in that period. As of the end of November, the ATO says 99 per cent of returns submitted before the October 31 cut-off have now been processed. That's not a bad outcome, unless you're one of the 82,500 people who hasn't yet been completed.



    crap.... this reminds me I still need to do my tax

      +1, have to visit a tax agent now, even more effort, damn it

    I did my last 3 years worth of tax returns a few weeks ago (I have slackness down to a fine art). The cheque for 08/09 arrived within a week (my wife likes a cheque rather than bank transfer), the other two still haven't arrived 3 weeks later. Guess I'm in the 7% somewhere.

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