The Former Dining Room Workspace

The Former Dining Room Workspace

If you want a home office but don’t have the space, consider converting another room. That’s what Crystal, the creator of today’s featured workspace, did to her dining room with only about a hundred bucks and a few things she already owned.

The original dining room space was pretty dull, cluttered with old furniture and a table used to collect mail rather than seat dinner guests. As part of a sub-186sqm house, wasted space is a big problem. Crystal decided to turn the dining room into the attractive workspace pictured above. She did this with a $US105 budget, buying her a couple of table tops, filing cabinets, shelves and a more modern lighting option (previously, the hanging light was a chandelier). She managed this by getting a few good deals at IKEA and buying second-hand whenever possible. This just goes to show how a little money can go a long way.

To see the before and after shorts, plus plenty of additional images, be sure to check out the full post over at The Weekend Homemaker.

Home Office: Before and After [The Weekend Homemaker via Apartment Therapy]


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