Story-Telling Is The Key To Effective Communication

It’s no secret that being a strong communicator is a valuable skill, especially if you decide to go it alone in the business world. Investor and entrepreneur James Altucher suggests effective communication is a matter of good story-telling; comedians, for instance, are simply “excellent story-tellers with perfect timing”.

Over at TechCrunch, Altucher’s written a solid piece on “creating” your own luck, which he states is analogous to being in the right place at the right time. He believes the right place currently is social media, and that even with the maturation of Twitter and Facebook and their proven effectiveness as communication tools, there are still a number of industries that have yet to take full advantage of them.

If I were starting a business right now I’d either do lead generation via social media for a small but focused niche (diamond wholesalers, small restaurants) or I’d provide financing/lending for companies that are doing this and have established records of turning profits on money spent.

Twitter and Facebook are good and well, but why is story-telling important? Altucher explains:

Everyone is a little boy or girl at heart. We all want to sit on the floor and bounce a ball and watch Saturday morning cartoons. A story has a beginning, middle and end. Make sure your story is down pat when you are talking with anyone about your idea, your company, your self (on a date, for instance). It doesn’t have to be so “planned”. But make sure you are constantly improving your storytelling abilities.

The piece itself covers a range of important entrepreneurial qualities, including passion and persistence, but negotiation and communication are stressed as the most vital.

How entrepreneurs create their own luck [TechCrunch]

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