Repurpose A Towel Rack Into A Lid Rack

Martha Stewart's homepage gives a great suggestion for organising saucepan lids — attach one or two towel racks to the inside of the doors for the cabinet that holds your cookware.

Look for towel racks that stand out around 5cm — less space means you won't have enough clearance to fit most lids and more space means you'll intrude into your cabinet storage.

Lid Racks [Martha Stewart via Re-Nest]


    I did this nearly a year ago after readig a post right here in LH.

    I had thought about hang my pots, to save shelf space, but then what to do with the lids?

    Pots and pans now hang from a cieling-mounted towel rail with hooks, and lids nestle like this inside the pantry door. Mind you, I don't hang my cast iron pots - I'm not sure the ceiling could take the weight!

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