NBN Co Launches NBN Explained Videos

The NBN is still highly politically provocative project, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. Politics aside, there's a lot of confusion regarding the NBN. NBN Co's launched a video series designed to clarify a few key points. I suspect for many readers there won't be too much to learn here, but I do know a few people who could well do with watching them to learn some basics, and that's the market they're aimed for. What do you reckon — will they hit the market that NBN Co reckons they will the right way?

[NBN Co]


    Hmm, that's all well and good but none of them explained how and what is involved in connecting the fibre on the street to your house? I assume from the vids that it will be a small trench? So how much does that cost.... is it subsidised...etc? This sort of thing should have been put out a long time ago!

      How's the copper currently connected to your house? Don't they pull it through the same pipe if possible?

        The current copper is mostly connected overhead via the telegraph poles (showing my age there) in the street, nit unlike the power cable. Underground services are only in 'newer' suburbs that are less than about 20 years old. So, unless they can string fibre up a pole and across to a house in some sort of conduit, I guess houses will need trenches or boring done.

          A combination of overhead and underground will be used depending on the location. Brunswick is apparently using overhead.

    These videos remind me of the "FriendFace" commercials on The IT Crowd! Now I'm off to go get electrocuted while I wire my house with Cat6 or Fibre...

    Video 2 just says "This video is private."

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