Foxtel Offering Pay-As-You-Go Subscriptions

Aside from expensive basic pricing and questionable programming choices, one of the more common complaints about Foxtel is that it forces you to sign up to a contract. Right now, Foxtel is offering contract-free pay-as-you-go signup, but there are still a few catches.

The deal is only running until November 12, and applies if you sign up to one of Foxtel's Value packages. Those start at $77 for the most basic pack, which doesn't include sport (the major reason many people sign up for pay TV). You'll also have to pay a $100 install fee. Does that make standard Foxtel more tempting, or would you prefer an alternative such as FetchTV or Foxtel via Xbox? Tell us in the comments.

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    I recently subscribed to foxtel on xbox 360.
    Best thing I've done in a long time, its SO cheap, entry level package is $19.50/month. No contract. No hidden charges. You can pre-register your credit card to purchase on demand or main event programs.
    You can bump up your channel packages at anytime so easily and its just so much more convenient.
    I also rent where I live, so not having to pay for a cable installation in the property is so nice, ADSL2 works perfectly.

    I just want live NRL and maybe some EPL here and there. I couldn't care less about the other stuff.

    I can't justify paying those stupid amounts they ask for when I can watch it at the pub or stream it online if I'm bothered.

      Yeah I hear ya. I moved down to Tassie from Sydney last year – and now I even miss out on the 3 games I got to watch on 9.
      WIN in all their infinite wisdom think running re-runs of 10-15 year old movies on Friday nights is more important.

      I’ve looked into Austar, but considering in order to get Fox Sports I have to sign up to pretty much everything else they have on offer as well, I just can’t justify the cost. Even worse value is Fox don’t broadcast 9 televised games until 9’s finished showing it, so I’d still miss out on the Friday night footy.

    I did not realise pay TV was so expensive. I would never pay $70 a month. Between free to air and catch up tv and $20 a month for Quickflix (or any other movie rental service, even the local video store) I have more than enough to watch...

    $77/mo to watch broadcast TV? Not worth it IMHO. But then I barely watch broadcasts, it's usually in use by the PS3 or DVD player.

    Foxtel's recent $50/month packages included sport is worth while, given if you can't watch it free to air and considering you'd spend over $20-30 per ticket at the game.

    Up until recently I'd been paying $50 per month to watch A-League, EPL & cricket. Nothing on any of the non Fox Sports channels is of the slightest interest to me . I've decided that for $20 a month I can upgrade my ADSL package to a 200GB/200GB deal and get a subscription to a quality newsgroup giving me unlimited, quality, commercial free TV (including Match of The Day & The Football League Show from the UK) and a saving of $30 per month. Australian TV (FTA & PPV) has had its day.

      Which site or provider are you using Bobby?

    PAYG.. but have to pick a bundle?? With the minimum bundle being $77..?? What a strange idea.

      I'm with you Light - why can't they make it so that I pick the channels I want instead of having to have those channels of American dross that are in every bundle? I really don't give a stuff about E entertainment news or Style and Fashion etc

    I'd be tempted if I could just get the cricket for the summer.

    Just cancelled it. So not worth it. You can get everthing far cheaper via Internets these days. The FOXTEL monopoly is causing them to price themselves totally out of the market. By all means try it if you can get a no-contract deal, just walk in with very low expectations and fully expect to cancel at some point in the near future.

    I will tell my ex. She likes good deals with no long term commitment.

    Expensive basic pricing? $40/mo is not expensive at all. Or $50 for basic plus sport/movies.

    I refuse to pay for something that forces you to sit on your ass to get good value. Get outside people!

    Other than sport most of the programs are repeated every few months. Its a total rip off, I get more TV than I need with a recorder and free to air. If I want to see a particular football game its a good excuse to walk 10 minutes to the RSL.

    I will be getting rid of foxtel. I have spent way to much on it over the past 10 years. I have an old basic package from years ago and am paying $61 per month and am getting rubbish basic channels no movies and tons of ads.

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