Dealhacker: $20 Amaysim SIM Pack For $10

If you've been itching to test out Amaysim's budget mobile prices but haven't had the courage to jump in the deep end, this deal might be the push you need. Until December 12, Amaysim is offering SIM packs with $20 worth of credit for 10 bucks at 7-Eleven stores nationally.

The $20 credit can be used towards any of Amaysim's product lineup, from data packs to pay as you go or unlimited plans, and is eligible for both pre-paid and post-paid customers.



    I moved to Amaysim from Vodafone a few months ago. I've never looked back!

    I use amaysim for mobile broadband. Checking emails and facebook, $10 a month.

    Really good customer service as well. Can't recommend them enough!

    can it roam?

    Moved from Vodafone to Amaysim a week ago and have been extremely happy. Their customer service is excellent, and the plans are very good value (I'm on the unlimited)

    You can save even more here:

    (thanks OzBargain!)

    Moved from Vodafone to Amaysim a few months ago, definitely worth it, especially for smart-phone users.

    7-11 Nationally... except we don't have them in WA. :(

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