Australians Get Three Free BlackBerry Outage Compensation Apps

Australian BlackBerry users seemed relatively unaffected by the recent outage which saw many European and some US BlackBerry users without mail services, but it turns out we still get the compensation. Between now and the end of December, BlackBerry users can download three free apps.

From a Lifehacker perspective, the most notable are song recognition app Shazam, which is normally $5.99, and DriveSafely.Pro, which lets you listen to SMS and email messages is regularly $19.99. There's also a free game, Bubble Bash 2. You'll be offered the apps when you sign into App World on your device.


    Two lousy apps. They should give away apps like repligo reader, vlingo LED colocks etc.

    Its like they are mocking us


    If that's the best they can offer, it just further condemns the BB app store.

    The reason why the apps are so crap are because the developers of the apps were willing to put their apps up for small change. To offer apps like vlinglo would set back blackberry some serious money.

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