Dealhacker: Get A Free Slurpee Today At 7-Eleven

As we pointed out last week, today is free slurpee day at 7-Eleven: hit any store between 7am and 11pm and say "Happy 7-Eleven Day" to score your small free frozen treat. [7-Eleven]


    Can you rotate the image? You're getting slurpee all over my keyboard.

    and once again I curse the fact there is no 7/11 anywhere in the state I live. . .

    It's good that 7 Eleven purchased the Mobil Petrol stations, now I live walking distance to one, so when I found out about the deal after dinner, I walked up and got one. The girl behind the counter was just giving out cups - there was just a stream of people walking in the door to get a free slurpie - didn't even have to say Happy 7-Eleven Day"

    Compared to some stores which said the free slurpies are all out.

    Happy 7/11 day is a bit hit and miss. My latesr podcast talks about two managers. One did it well the other failed. Http://

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