Use Vodka As A Chrome And Jewellery Cleaner

If you’re not the type to keep chrome polish lying around but you are the type who has a bottle of vodka they didn’t care for sitting the back of your home bar or pantry, consider using it as a chrome or jewellery polish. It works well when combined with a microfibre cloth, and lets you use something you already have instead of making you buy something new.Vodka is one of those household ingredients that seems to have multiple uses. We’ve discussed how you can use it to wash away sticky residue among other things, but according to Readers Digest, it’s also an excellent jewellery polish — provided you do not use it to clean jewellery with gems or other stones inlaid in the jewellery. For best results, let your necklace or chain soak for a few minutes in a shallow cup or bowl of the stuff, then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.

Vodka isn’t the only jewellery cleaner you may have lying around the house: check out the full post to see more great cleaning agents you probably already have in your home.

12 Home Products for Cleaning Jewelry [Readers Digest]

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