Unit Pricing For Specials: It's Getting Better

Back in August, regular commenter poedgirl alerted us to the fact that items on sale in Coles didn't always have unit pricing accurately indicated. It seems Coles might have become more efficient at that process, with specials now correctly showing unit pricing.

The picture above shows how specials involving multiple items should be presented: with the unit pricing both for single purchases and for the bulk purchase. Poedgirl explains:

I took this photo at my local Coles tonight where you can see 5x 1.25L bottles for $5 and below that it has the 80c/L that it should have always had.

Unit pricing should make comparisons easier, so it's good to see it being properly applied. Thanks again Poedgirl!


    Most shoppers are pretty stupid, they will probably get confused by this.

    As a worker at a supermarket for many years, customers are idiots.

      As a customer at a supermarket for many years, supermarket employees are idiots.

        As both a worker and a customer at a supermarket for many years, people in general are idiots.

      i can confirm customers are idiots. Someone got lost in the store i worked at, its less than 15m^2 and has 2 * 5m wide exits

      as an experienced poster at lifehacker, everyone but me is an idiot

    Too much information. Taking away people's ability to do mental calculations. Let people "do the math" and work out savings for themselves. Good exercise for the brain.

      I don't go to the supermarket to stimulate my brain, I can do that easily at home. I go there to get my shopping done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the more information provided, the easier that is.

    I love having the "Amount per litre/kilo" thing.. it makes finding out if specials are really special or not so much easier.. even when considering a non-sale product I check out these unit prices.

      The reason, just to clarify, is that if you have two similar products and one is say.. 540g but the other is 420g.. you could do the math yourself and work out the price per kg or per 100g.. but it's so much easier when they write it on there for you.

    There are still some inconsistencies.
    One brand had washing powder listing Kilograms, another brand had their powder listed in Liters. Yes so your container can hold this many liters of water, but what does that mean for the product you are selling.
    Then they come and mess you around with different concentrations.

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