The Wood And White Workspace

Boo Fa's home office is another example of how the use of natural elements — from light to wood — make for a compelling workspace. The iMac is backlit by a large window atop a beautiful wooden desk, and everything is brightened up by the sun.

Additionally, Boo Fa's raised the iMac and mounted speakers to the wall, keeping the iMac's display at eye height and reducing desk clutter. It's all very simple, but looks like a great place to get things done.

Untitled [Flickr]


    I imagine there'd be quite a bit of eye strain having the window backing the monitor like that?

      im sure you would have the blinds closed...that would be so tiresome on the eyes

    Beautiful desk. I would like something simple like this, but mine is inherited with drawers etc for a school kid... not quite as nice by far.

    Monitors are pointless unless the tweeter is deadly at ear level.. otherwise.. kudos to a good setup

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