That Hand Luggage Measurement Unit Isn’t Just For Show

I’ve mentioned before how Australians seem to delight in trying to carry as much luggage on planes as possible, and the situation isn’t improving. On the quick Sydney-Melbourne flight I took today, a passenger spent a good 10 minutes trying to find space for a bag which was self-evidently both too tall and too wide to actually fit in the overhead bins, let alone under the seat in front of her.

She eventually got lucky and found some space by moving lots of other people’s luggage and putting her bag sideways, However, given that the flight was full, it was a near-run thing. Had she needed to send her oversized luggage off the plane, I’m sure our departure would have been heavily delayed.

To be honest, I’m a bit annoyed that the staff on the gate don’t watch this more closely and tell people with visibly OTT luggage that their goods will have to be sent to the hold. But I’m much more annoyed at the selfish passengers who figure that the chance of saving 20 minutes collecting a bag at the other end justifies them entirely ignoring very clearly set out rules and shunting other people’s bags to less convenient ends of the plane. Obviously I’m all for travelling with just hand luggage, but only when sticking to the rules: otherwise chaos reigns.

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