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Battery life is crucial, but there's an equally important test for any notebook that's going to get regularly used on a plane: is it small enough to fit on the tray, allow typing when there's someone sitting next to you and not end up half-closed when the person in front reclines their seat?


I headed to Kuranda today figuring that a relatively isolated rainforest community of only 650-odd people would stretch the patience of any self-respecting mobile broadband network. Instead, I found better service than you can get in Cairns.


Even obsessive travellers get downtime. Having spent the weekend near Coffs Harbour, helping my mother out with the odd domestic task, there's not terribly much to report on the travel learnings front, apart from the obvious: having access to a washing machine and some sunshine makes life much easier.


I've been in Sydney this week for CEBIT and associated press events, which means I've been running into a lot of my fellow writers. And wherever I go, the first question is nearly always the same: "Where's the bag?" As far as the Hand Luggage Only project goes, it seems my trusty blue carry-on case is of more interest than anything else.


After a flood of entries, the judging is over, and three lucky Lifehacker readers will each receive an iTunes card purchased directly, and in a single day, from one of the three Apple Stores that were open for business last Thursday. Read on to find out who won -- and why their suggestions for five essential iTunes purchases stood out.


I'd be lost during the Hand Luggage Only project without 3G broadband, but life would still go much more smoothly if the people writing the driver software actually had a clue how to write a decent product.