How To Access Google Cache Links In Google's New Layout

Google recently went through a slight overhaul of their instant preview feature, but the Google Cache links mysteriously disappeared. Here's where to find them in the new design.

This has been driving me crazy for weeks, until weblog wrote about the change. The cache links have moved into the actual instant preview itself. All you need to do to get a cached version of a page is mouse over the result, hit the little arrow that expands the page preview, and hit the "Cached" link. If you avoided instant previews like I did, you might never have realised this was there. Hit the link to read more.

How to Access Google Cache Link in Google Search []


    Yeah I. found this on a google search - Where have the cached links gone ? and this solution was offered, but I find that the cached link does not always show.

    Hi Whitson, back in August I documented this ‘Cached’ link change when I noticed Google’s testing of the new Instant Previews (

    Moving it is definitely a good move by Google, in my opinion it helps to get rid of a bit more clutter around the results and focus people’s attention on the text that matters. The majority of Google users must wonder what this ‘pointless’ link is anyway!! Majority meaning not us ;-)

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