How Many Returns Can The ATO Process In A Day?

We've been keeping a close eye on how the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is handling this year's batch of tax returns. This time around, rather than looking at refund amounts, which have become fairly constant, we thought we'd measure how many returns the ATO is processing per day.

From July 1 to September 28, the ATO received 6.922 million returns, and finalised 6.309 million of them. If we use finalised returns as the measure, that works out at an average of 76,911 returns finalised per day during that period.

Understandably, the process has become faster now that new systems for the year are bedded in. In its first update this year, the ATO said it had finalised 129,000 refunds in a six-day period — a somewhat slower 21,500 a day.



    1 Week from when i lodged on line and into my bank account. Pretty good!

    Numbers like this make you realise just how much work is taking place, and gives a new appreciation for the pressures of tax time upon the ATO.

    Kudos guys, you're doing awesome (I'm happy with my refund, can you tell? :P)

    Post 27 Sept to hopefully get around $3,500 and still waiting. Switched countries to US half way through year and have a HECs Debt so I guess they must be manually processing mine. fingers crossed it arrives before Visa bill.

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