Get A Free One-Hour Email Address With Guerrilla Mail

If you don't want to give out your real email address to register for a site and don't want to go through the hassle of creating a spam email address, just point your browser to Guerrilla Mail; upon loading the page you'll have an automatically assigned email address from the domain that is good for one hour.

The beauty of Guerrilla Mail is that when you visit the URL you're automatically logged into the inbox of your temporary email address; just don't navigate away until you're finished with the email address. There are buttons to extend the address by an hour, copy your temporary email address to your clipboard and to forget the address. I imagine that last option would be great to use after firing off a scathing anonymous email — when the recipient tries to respond they learn that the address no longer exists.

Guerrilla Mail [via Addictive Tips]


    I've been using these for a while now, they are great for surveys/sign ups for websites you don't wish to give your real details to.

    fantastic idea, im gonna use it

    10minutemail is also a great one...

    This is excellent, now I can buy online using this and not worry about getting spammed to death by that company.

      Oh hang on, follow-up will be a bugger though? is also pretty good, and there's no need to temporarily register the email address before hand. You can check the inbox of any email address, which for most things won't really be a concern.

      I'd agree, but I found that using GuerrillaMail is much more useful as many sites that ask for your email address have actually got around to mailinator being used so much which is when a backup comes in handy :)

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