eBay To Start Grouping Gadgets In Search Results

eBay To Start Grouping Gadgets In Search Results

From October 10, eBay is going to start showing groups of results when searching for particular kinds of gadgets, rather than a vertical listing as it does in other categories. The change will affect items listed in the mobile phone, digital camera and Apple laptops categories.Like other recent changes — such as mixing international and local results and recent category changes — it will take time to see how much difference this makes to individual sellers.

For shoppers, it does appear to offer more choice in less space, but you’ll still need to check carefully into each seller before making a decision. Given eBay’s current emphasis on new rather than used goods, it also makes sense to check non-eBay sources.



  • If eBay wants to do something constructive they should start by reducing their ridiculous new fees they’ve imposed on sellers.

    eBay now charge 7.9% of the final selling price, so sell an item for $600 and eBay thinks they deserve $47.45 of your cash. What an absolute bunch of pirates! I can sell $30,000+ cars on car sites for less than that.

    I’ll no longer sell on eBay until they pull their heads in.

    • I only sell on eBay when I have exhausted other options.

      That said, if you weigh your options, you might still find that $553.55 is a fair bit better than the $250 the pawn shop would give you for the same item… and eBay knows that too.

      • Yes please try and sell on quicksales, its the only Aussie owned website that actually competes with Ebay. But it needs more sellers and buyers. Tell your friends, if you need items to buy, you can go in community forums and tell sellers what you want:)

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