eBay Making Overseas Listings More Prominent On Australian Site

eBay Making Overseas Listings More Prominent On Australian Site

Since launching in Australia, eBay has always had a policy of placing local listings ahead and separately from those originating overseas. From today, that approach will change somewhat, with listings from the US and UK sites intermingled with those offered by Australians in a “variety of categories”.Buying online from overseas remains a hot-button topic, and eBay has been increasingly pushing towards being seen as a shopfront rather than an auction specialist. It hasn’t specified exactly which categories the change will affect, but says the initial push will be in areas where there’s a dearth of Australian listings. It also argues that despite making competitive listings more visible, it will be good for Australian sellers:

Displaying relevant listings from the UK and US will increase the likelihood that shoppers will find what they are looking for on eBay.com.au, and continue to shop and buy from eBay.com.au sellers.

For consumers, the move could be a potential win if eBay can get the listing mix right and highlight the best deals. For local sellers, it’s one more grievance to add to a long list. What’s your reaction to this change?



  • Think I’ll check more closely if an item is listed overseas from now on. Particularly with the
    US mail being so bloody convoluted with the way it handles overseas deliveries… Seriously it’s like playing Russian roulette with them! I can get most things cheaper and far quicker from most of the Asian countries…

  • So ebay continue to abuse their customers …. that’s not news.
    Migrated to Quicksales long ago after several issues with ebay, and things have been great since.

  • I don’t really care where the item is going to be shipped from as long as posting rate is reasonable and price is good, so it’s a good change IMHO.

    Some stuff from Australian sellers, such as screen protectors and phone cases, is hugely overpriced. Two weeks ago received three screen protectors for Nexus One for AU $1.50 with free delivery from China.

  • I’ve always searched for nearly everything by price + postage lowest first, worldwide. Considering I’ve had things arrive quicker from the UK than from Perth, I’m happy to buy almost anything from overseas.

  • For me, the issue with buying from overseas is that the goods are not genuine products. I wouldn’t buy a branded product from China, for instance. Both the website and iphone app have an option which I use to remove or include overseas listings, so this won’t affect me at all.

  • ebay tries to make it sound like it won’t effect Australian sellers, which is rubbish. The more competition, the smaller number of sales. Ebay has gone downhill over the last 2-3 years, and that was before this new move. It’s all about ebay bottom line, who gets crushed is unimportant.

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