CyanogenMod 7.1 Brings Performance Improvements

CyanogenMod 7.1 Brings Performance Improvements

Android (rooted): The latest version of CyanogenMod, the popular Android ROM, doesn’t include any huge changes, but instead focuses on adding small tweaks and settings that make Android more configurable and perform a little bit better.

CyanogenMod 7.1 updates your phone to Android 2.3.7, and brings in a ton of small changes and conveniences, which are what really make custom ROMs great. Some of our favourite changes in this release include:

  • Improve ADWLauncher scrolling/zoom performance
  • Option to disable vibration while in-call
  • Improve notification swipe-to-clear
  • Wake on volume key option
  • Support for revoking application permissions
  • Control brightness by sliding on statusbar
  • Option to hide hold button during call
  • Support for launching apps via gestures in the background
  • Screenshot feature via power menu
  • Mute camera shutter option

In addition, this release brings CyanogenMod to a ton of new devices, both old and new, like the Samsung Galaxy S, the Motorola Droid 2 and the Motorola Droid X, among others. Check out the blog post below to see all the new supported devices, and hit up the changelog to see all the new features in version 7.1.

CyanogenMod is a free download for Android devices.

CyanogenMod-7.1 Released! [CyanogenMod Blog]


    • DarkyRom is very good and keeps getting better with OTA updates coming in the next version (I believe).
      I’m also on DarkyRom, but Cyanogen is tempting now that the GalaxyS is finally, officially, in the fold.
      I think Darky’s developers hack the leaked Samsung builds wheras Cyanogen modifies the AOSP, so in the longer term, when Samsung stop developing for Galaxy S (can’t be far away), making the jump to Cyanogen might be the best thing to do.

      • Well said StevoTheDevo. I also like the fact that CM uses ASOP. I am on DarkyROM 10.2.2 now but I think when the need arises to change ROM, I will try the CM. I was wondering about the Camera app. I haven’t seen any screenshots of hte CM camera app. Anybody got any?

    • Really? I’m pretty sure you do need root to perform the flash of a 3rd party ROM, you can then unroot of course, but without root your phone wont give you write access to the system folder where the ROM lives!

        • Both require root level access, only difference is one has access with the OS. Isn’t this argument splitting hairs? If you’re going to be so pedantic, why didn’t you fully elaborate your point in the first post?

          • Nope, installing a custom ROM does not require root access, just an unlocked bootloader. Pretty sure I said that earlier.

          • I am guessing Greg is saying that fastboot doesn’t run as the root user because it operates ‘above’ the operating system level before the operating system has even started – and the operating system (Linux) is where the ‘root’ user comes into existence during the boot up process.

            Sam is saying that ‘root’ user is required to flash ROMS etc but he is talking more from the concept of a ‘superuser’ rather than a Linux ‘root’ user – he is talking more about a program (fastboot) running with full security permissions for the entire phone. Which is conceptually a ‘root user’.

            Right? Probably not 🙂

      • Root access IS needed to install custom ROMs yes, however it’s not a 100% black and white answer, with many devices able to be temp rooted these days. Greg is either trolling our doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        • Since when does flashing a new recovery partition and subsequently flashing a new ROM require root?

          All you need is to be able to boot into fastboot, and unlock the bootloader to flash an unsigned (read: unofficial) recovery image.

          Still think I’m trolling?

          • I don’t think you are trolling. I just don’t believe you know much about Samsung phones. They don’t have fastboot.

            To get CWM Recovery on you need to flash a new kernel with CWM baked into it using Odin or Heimdal.

            These same kernels are usually also rooted.

            So, in Samsung Phone land CWM basically involved the same process as rooting.

            Once you have CWM you can install whatever .zip package OS you like, such as Cyanogenmod.

  • I’ve been running CM7 since the nightlies came out for the original Samsung Galaxy S and it’s been wonderful. No Touchwiz, theme support and other things vanilla android could really use.

  • I tried installing it last night on my SGS2, it didn’t go so well (ended up stuck in a loop replaying the CM7 boot clip). I am coming from Lite’ning Rom 6.1 though, so maybe I need to do a factory reset first. I did wipe my cache and delvik etc though, so its not that.

    I tried double flashing it as suggested all over the net, but that didn’t change anything. I will try again soon though, always wanted to try CM (but didn’t want a nightly).

    • That really depends on what phone you have? best bet is going onto the site which has all compatible phones and heaps of how-to guides

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