Android Skin Pack Gives Windows That Android Feeling

We've previously featured skin packs to make your Windows desktop look like a Mac or Linux box. The same developer now offer an Android Skin Pack, which will make your notebook look somewhat like an EeePad Transformer.Whether you'll find this a productive switch is open to debate, though given that Windows 8 essentially borrows its interface from Windows Phone 7, it's not an entirely foreign idea. The install guide points out that reverting from a theme pack can be tricky, so back up first if you want to try this out.

Make Windows 7 Look Like Android With Android Skin Pack [WML Cloud]


    Heads up, you mean make Windows look like Mac or Linux.

      Haha yeah I read Mac or Windows and I was like huh?

      Granted, the link is wrong, but I've seen many packs that aim to make Windows look like Windows.
      (Usually something like making Windows XP look like Windows 7)

    Am I the only one who thought that was a skinned GNOME (Linux) desktop + nautilus???

    i thought the same poltak lol

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